Weekend At The Lake

We had a great weekend down at "Little Red". Regan, Jeremy, Billy and I all got down there on Thursday and took Regan's mom out to eat at Hook's for her 60th birthday. It was such a beautiful night...we sat out on the patio facing the lake.

On Friday Regan, Jeremy, Billy and I took the boat to our special little cove and swam all day. It was so relaxing! April and Tim showed up around 5pm and Jeff, Melea and Ben showed up around 6pm. We grilled steaks and sat outside on the patio until we were so tired we couldn't keep out eyes open! Although the boys stayed up til 1am on the porch eating locusts and being very loud! Melea informed all of us that she and Jeff will be expecting a baby in April!! We thought she was joking...nope, she was serious! Congratulations you guys!!

Saturday we got an early start and headed for the cliffs. We had a little bit of a hangup when Regan got the boat stuck in the mud. It was so funny to watch all three boys pushing the boat in water that was knee high in the middle of the lake. We finally made it to the cliffs where we spent the whole day. April, Jeremy, Billy and Regan all jumped. Nobody was seriously injured although I am sure there were lots of bruises! We finally made it back around 6pm and had deep fried wild turkey. It was scrumptious! We were all exhausted (except for the dog who was up all night) and we watched a movie and went to bed.

Sunday we got a late start on the water but finally made it to our special little cove. We swam all day and skied. April and I skied and wiped out and skied again. Then we went knee boarding. We both almost have the 360 down. Given a little more time and we both would have mastered it. Then April and I decided to go tubing which wasn't very smart...especially with Regan pulling us! I flew off first and then April followed shortly after. Then we did something really stupid...we decided to go again! We both fell off together the second time and I think I broke every bone from my neck down! I still hurt today and it is Tuesday! I am so thankful that I have a sister that I can have so much fun with. Growing up I wasn't so sure if we would ever get along...but now, she is my lifelong best friend! I can only hope that Emma and Tyler have a bond like April and I do.

Well, that about sums up our weekend. We will definitely have to do it again soon! Love to all of our friends that went with us. You guys are the best and Regan and I are so glad that you all went with us. We have a very unique bond that many people only wish they had.