Emma and Tyler are crazy as ever. Emma is flunking math and Tyler hates school, but other than that...they are terrific! Tyler called me the other day and told me he was going to drop out of the second grade and go to work in construction! I just about died! Emma, I would have to say is just like her mother! The only reason she goes to school is to socialize and when it comes to learning...she tunes it all out. I am trying to work with her on that, but she is getting to the age where she tunes me out too! She is almost as tall as I am about 5" shy and she and I are already wearing the same size shoes. Our newest buy is our camo "Rocket Dog" tennis shoes that we love...thank you Grammy!! It is a different experience every day with these two and I love it!!
Regan is good and still in need of a job. He was interviewing for one with the company that he did work for previously, but they are being very unprofessional. they all but gave him the job and now they won't return any of his phone calls. Sometimes I would like to call up there and talk to the supervisor and say, "Hey, listen up....this is my husband and you won't treat him like this..." But Regan would die!! If anyone knows of anyone that needs hauling done or tree/landscape work...call us!! We are fine without him working and it is probably better right now so that his leg can heal longer, but with a hopeful upcoming birth in the family, it puts a strain on us. So, with all that said...please keep us in your prayers and you all are in ours!


I know I haven't been sharing a whole lot lately on my blog account, but I have been so busy. I have had some very good friends in town and have gotten to spend some very precious time with them. Jonathan and Sandy Collins...you both are so incredible and we love you to the enth degree!!

Labor Day weekend was fun. Regan, Em, Jolie and I left on Thursday. On Thursday night we went to Regan's mom's and chatted with her and Brian. April and Tim didn't get down until Friday night around 8pm. By that time, all of us were done with Jolie! She was a crying mess! I think she missed her parents! The weather was crappy on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday was beautiful! Regan tried to teach Emma how to ski and she did awesome. Almost getting up on her second try! The following pics are from our weekend at Blue Springs Lake. Jolie finally overcame her fear of the water and now we can't keep her out of it! Also, my sister and I mastered the 360 on the kneeboard! Shortly after we took these pictures, I crashed on the kneeboard and swear that I broke my neck in like 5 places. It was enough that I haven't gotten back on it since. Next thing I will try is the Scurfer...a new little thing my brother-in-law came home with. It is a cross between and wakeboard and a surfboard. Looks fun!!