Christmas 2006

Another year is fading quickly. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Emma is 10 1/2 and Tyler will quickly be turning 8. They will be driving and then out the door before too long. We are expecting another one around the first of September! My best friends, Kacy and Melea, and my sister, April and I will all be due within a month or two of one another. We will all have newborns at Christmas next year! We are all so excited. God willing everything will go okay. Please be praying that God would rest His hand on my unborn child and make him/her healthy. Also, please pray that my pregnancy will go smoothly, no complications.

Christmas was fantastic. The kids got everything they wanted as did Regan and I. It was fun having my family over all day on Christmas. We also enjoyed our time with the Bentley's and the Nash families. We ate too much and laughed a lot! No matter how stressful the holidays are, it all seems to melt away when you are with family and friends.

We are hoping and praying that Regan will begin work soon. He has been told he has a position with the company that he worked for before his accident. He received his release from the doctor two months ago and has been trying to work odd jobs to make sure his strength is where it needs to be to go back to work full time. So far, so good! Neither of us can believe this day is finally here...after being out-of-work for three years, it is exciting and daunting all at the same time.

We were able to take the kids on our first family vacation this year. We drove to Colorado over the Thanksgiving break. We stayed with Regan's Aunt Kerrelyn and Uncle Chuck in their beautiful "casita". We did it all while we were there...Pike's Peak, Garden of the God's, Seven Falls, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Mining Towns, Bishop's Castle & Casa Bonita's to name a few!! It was so much fun! Regan's mom and step dad flew in as did Regan's Aunt Jo. We all were able to spend time walking, talking and eating. It was one of the best Thanksgiving's! The kids had a blast and are still talking about it...we have watched the home movie of it at least three times!!

Many wonderful and exciting things have happened this year. I married my best friend. A lot of people throw that phrase around about their husband or wife, but I truly mean it when I say it. He is my best friend. The one that understands me the best. I don't even have to speak and he knows what I am thinking and feeling. I have never met a man that is so in tune to my thoughts as Regan. Sometimes in life I think God truly blesses you by putting that perfect one in your path...not the "okay one" or the "one that will due", but the PERFECT one. That is Regan to me. We were able to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We were able to enjoy our summer with friends at the lake. We were able to take the boat out - Regan got up for the first time since his accident on a ski (he got up first try too)!! I was also able to master the kneeboard!! We got pregnant and went through the agony of losing...realizing that our relationship can withstand yet another storm. We took a family vacation. We were able to afford another Christmas (by the skin of our teeth!). And last, but not least, we were able to get pregnant again and feel that joyous feeling running through our veins. God is so good to us. I don't know how we could ever survive without Him. He never said it was going to be easy, and a lot of it hasn't been easy, but He is so good to pick up the pieces and mend our hearts.

I hope that throughout the holidays, we don't lose sight of what it is really about. I lost sight this holiday season and it hit me with full force. I was running around trying to get shopping done, stressing myself out, mad at the world and then it came out of left field...this feeling of total selfishness. For some reason my thoughts drifted to Mary (Jesus' mother) and I wondered what was running through her mind that December night. I wondered if she knew that the child she was about to give birth to would one day die an excruciating death. I wondered if she knew the agony she would feel being His mother. I wondered if she knew how many wonderful things her son would do and how many miracles he would perform in his lifetime. I wondered if she knew all of the ridicule her child would endure as a man. It immediately brought me to tears. I thought, here I am running around foolishly, trying to make everything perfect and I have completely lost sight of why Christmas is supposed to be important in the first place. With all of that said, please enjoy the rest of your holiday season and try not to forget the main reason we celebrate. Love to all of you reading this!