9 Weeks

Emma took this and it is a little blurry...but here you go!!



I had an ultrasound done on Wednesday because of my cramping and all is good!! The baby looks good and looks to be growing right on target and the heartbeat is great (157 beats per minute!!). I have assessed that I am going to give birth to a sea horse because that is what it looked like!! You couldn't see much of anything - it basically looked like a gray blob, but you could see that little heart just pumping away! It was so cool!! It is amazing that at just 8 weeks pregnant, the baby is already developing its tongue, fingers & toes, cartilage & bone. It still amazes me that some people think that it is not a baby yet. Just for those of you out there who agree with the "It is still just an embryo" thinking...you are horribly mistaken. This is when most young girls have abortions - when the baby is between 6-12 weeks old. One of my missions is to change the thinking that Planned Parenthood and many doctors offices out there will tell our young girls. They need to know that it is a baby and it has a heartbeat and it has a brain and it has legs & arms. It might look like a sea horse or an alien life form, but it is real and it is ALIVE! Okay...that was my sermon for the week! Love to you all!!


Snow, Birthdays & Growth!

Regan, my sister and I took Emma, Heather (Emma's friend) and Jolie sledding this weekend. We hooked up the sled to a ski rope and tied it to the back of the truck and hit the field! My sister and I were on the tailgate trying to hold on...we thought we were heading for the ground a couple of times! Regan took the girls over huge bumps and fishtailed them around til they fell off. They laughed, we laughed...it was such a great time! Until Regan got the truck stuck...he tried to go uphill in the snow and the truck went sideways and then slid backwards almost hitting a tree. My dad came down to help, but still couldn't get in unstuck. Finally, he got it out...I don't know how, but he managed to slide it to the side and drive out of it. The girls were frozen and my sister and I were exhausted. It was a blast!

We celebrated Tyler's eighth birthday this weekend. He had his very first sleepover...(and very last for a looong time)!! This picture of him is taken at Paradise Park. He hit the jackpot and won 120 tickets. He was so excited. You could hear him yelling all over the place! I was for sure that he and his friend were going to be worn slick...what was I thinking?! They were up talking until midnight and then bright eyed & bushy tailed the next morning at 6am! UGH!! Thank the Lord for my wonderful hubby who got up with them and let me sleep in! I can't believe Ty is 8!

This is my eight week picture. I look less bloated than the last one I uploaded (at least I think so, but maybe not). I have been having some cramping, but the doctor does not seem to be concerned. I think it is just my uterus growing. The nauseated feeling has begun this week. I was doing great and then it HIT. I don't feel like eating anything but fruit and my mood swings are out-of-control. I don't remember any of this from the first two. I hope that isn't a bad sign!! Regan is to blame if so!!


7 Days of Growth!!

It is amazing in just a week's time how much my belly has grown. It might not look like it to you, but you aren't the ones who can't button your pants anymore!! This first picture was taken at 6 weeks and the second was taken at 7 weeks. I am feeling great and the blood work that I have done twice a week is coming back with fantastic results. Still not out-of-the-woods yet, so please continue to pray....
I have also quit smoking. Going on almost a full week!! It has taken a lot of prayer and even after that I still don't know how I am doing it!! It is totally a "God thing." I feel so much better though!!