"V" Day Shout Out

I by no means have the "perfect" marriage, but I do have a wonderful husband who deserves a lot of credit. He has catered to me & the kids all weekend long. It all started with him making the kids bunk beds in one day. The kids were so excited and I was too because it gives them so much more room..yes, my kids still sleep in the same room and I don't need a lecture about how unhealthy that is or anything like that!

Then Saturday morning he got up and fixed all of us a great biscuits & gravy breakfast, did the dishes and all!!

And to top it all off, he then plowed our driveway and the neighbors driveway. HE is such a great man. We love you babe!!


10 Weeks

This is ten weeks. I have just eaten lunch and I am very constipated. So I feel that my tummy is a little bigger than normal. Everything seems to be going well. I go to the doctor for my first visit on February 27th. That will be a fun one because Regan will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time!
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