14 weeks

Still have only gained about 5lbs. and I have yet to feel the baby move but am hoping to feel it soon. My sister just called and said they were having a girl. Exciting! I can't wait to find out!
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Tyler James

I have been praying for a while now that God would begin tenderizing my son's heart for the things of Him. I have also been praying that God would speak to me and let me know when it was the right time to talk to Tyler about salvation. Well, last night was the night! I was in my bedroom praying and Tyler came in and said "Mom, what are you doing in here?" I said I was praying and asked him to join me. He got up on the bed and we began talking about Jesus dying for us and how He rose from the dead and then I read him the scripture in Luke where Jesus appears to His disciples after He has risen and they think He is a ghost (cause Tyler's first questions was if He was a ghost...he is really big into talking about ghosts). We then talked about sin and I had him give me several examples of sin. I wanted to make sure he really understood what he was doing. I asked him if he would like to ask Jesus to come and live in him and he said "Yes." So, we prayed together and it was SOOOO COOOL!!! Please begin praying with me that his dad would allow him to start going to church with us.


Baby Bentley

Here is Baby Bentley! If you can't tell what is what...this is a pic of his head and body and two hands. He looks like he is looking right at us! Regan says I am going to "jinx" us by saying this but we think we saw a little pee-pee on the sono screen. Regan and I were seeing it at first and I finally asked if that is what I thought it was and she paused the screen on it and said that is what it is supposed to look like. So, she kinda sorta confirmed it, but it still is to early to be definite. Everything looked good and healthy and the heart rate was 137bmp. The baby was jumping all over the place and opening and closing his mouth and waving his hands around. It is amazing he is so active and I can't feel any of it yet!! My next sono will tell us for sure if it is a girl or boy...we can't wait!
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