20 weeks

Thought I would give you viewers a new perspective on how I see things. Don't be alarmed because my feet are so red...my circulation is still good! I spent some time in the sun today and my feet got most of it. It has been so beautiful here the past few days. This is my favorite time of year...the lawns are being mowed, flower beds are being filled and the birds are singing while they are preparing their homes for their babies. I was sitting out at my parents farm today and got so wrapped up in the sounds of spring. The trees were blowing, the birds were singing, their wings were flapping...it was so peaceful.



I never had the chance to load any of our honeymoon pictures, but finally I have my own computer and this one is by far my favorite!
See Jonathan...you don't have to go to Tiajuana to find funny pictures! Regan takes them for free right here!


Dualing Bellies

My sister and I are in the running for whoses stomach and butt can grow the largest! Just kidding... It is so much fun to have someone to go through this with.

I am on the left and April is on the right. She is 4 weeks ahead of me. My belly button is different and looks like it is getting ready to blow!



None of us can believe it! We all thought I was having a boy. Regan, Emma, Tyler and I took a vote this morning on the way to the doctor and we all four voted boy. Not the case after all. I was stunned! Regan and I hadn't even considered the thought of a girl. We had boy names already picked out and all. Now we are going to have to re-think our strategy!! We do have three girl names picked out...Lola, Millie or Zoe...the middle name will be Catherine (my mom's middle name). Ya'll will have to let us know which one you like best. Anywho...the baby looks healthy, has all fingers and toes and was bouncing and kicking all over the place...she even sucked her thumb for us! It was totally cool!

Regan and I just got back from a road trip to California. Not such a good idea to travel in a truck carrying 18,000lbs on a trailer for 22 hours while pregnant! I was a trooper and made it the whole way. I even peed in a coffee thermos to avoid stops (too much information...sorry)! I did consider staying at Regan's aunt and uncles in Colorado when we were passing through. I am glad I didn't bcause I would have missed the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen...in Utah! Regan and I toured through Moab, stopped in Vegas (which we all thought was total filth and a huge let down), we played around in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood and on our way home we endured the most horrible snow storm I have ever driven through in my lifetime. I had one pillow tucked in between my stomach and seatbelt and one in front of my face so I could not see the road. At one point it became a total white out and we couldn't see anything but snow...I was so sick! We pushed on and made it through and are so glad we did because they ended up getting hammered later that evening...we would have been stuck for days! Finally making it home was great! Thank you to Gary and Joyce Collins who put us up in Santa Clarita at the Hyatt one evening...it was beautiful and much needed...Motel 6 only cuts it for a little while!