The Lake

Regan, Emma and I enjoyed a great weekend at Tim and April's lake house. We grilled, swam (well, April didn't), boated and Emma became quite the crazy jet ski rider!

My sis and I laid out most of the time and cooked our buns...with all of that sun they ought to be good and done!


Whoomp...There it is!

What can I say? I am getting bigger:)


Trip to Cali

Finally I was able to get our trip photos off of my dad's computer and on to mine...so here are a few! Green River, Utah
Vegas, Baby Santa Monica Sunset

Santa Monica Pier


Hollywood Walk of Fame I'm too sexy for my wig... Arches National Park in Utah


Large & In Charge

Not sure what happened...one day I was not that big and the next morning...wham! It is shaped so odd...maybe it is an alien?! I think we have decided on a name: Millie Catherine Bentley.