Hayride 2007

Saturday night was our 6th Annual hayride and bonfire at my sister's house. This year was kinda low key compared to the other years, but we had alot of fun!!

Devil's Den, Arkansas

Last weekend was Miss Millie's first trip to Granny's house in Arkansas. The whole Bartshe family was there. We had such a great time. On Saturday, we went to Devil's Den and hiked. It is such a beautiful place. Emma and Regan had the most fun exploring the caves and climbing the big rocks. I had Millie, so my activities were limited, but I had a blast just watching the other two have so much fun together. Halfway up the trail, Millie decided to poop her pants!! Me, being the mother-of-the-year, forgot her diaper bag. Regan had to go all the way back to the car and get the diapers!! What a man!
On Sunday, Regan and Emma got up before sunrise and drove to Moxley to hear the elk bugle. Then they went to the Buffalo River and waded in the water and took in all the beautiful scenery. They had a great time together, but were very tired!
I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband. He is definitely a gift from God.


Need Your Help

Please pray for Emma. She has encountered some very nasty little girls at school that are starting to bully her. One of the little girls has been calling her some horrific names that an eleven year old should NEVER be called. It breaks my heart to know that she is having to deal with this. I know that God has a purpose for her changing schools this year, sometimes I just have a hard time finding that purpose when this kind of junk is going on. Emma has an incredible attitude that amazes me every day. She says it doesn't bother her to have these girls say such horrible things and she says she just doesn't listen to them, but I know it has to affect her on some level. So, please pray with me that God would shut the mouths of these girls and continue to give Emma strength and a positive attitude. And while we are at it, let's THANK THE LORD that Emma doesn't have my mouth...because then we would be in BIG trouble!!


The infamous barrette

First day with the new barrettes! I pushed too hard on her head trying to get them to clip and it made her so mad!