Millie's Changing Face & Hair

Tyler's 9th Birthday

I cannot believe my baby boy is turning 9. We spent all day Thursday and all day Friday at the Great Wolf Lodge. We all had a blast...even Millie who was fantastic! She sucked her thumb and looked around the whole time without making a peep. Thank you Lord!!

This is a huge treehouse with water slides and other fun stuff

This huge bucket would dunp every 5 minutes

Jolie loved these water slides. Tyler and I took her down the BIG one and she cried for 5 minutes afterward!!

Didn't get a pic of Millie in her tiny bathing suit, but it was so cute!

They all were so worn out on the way home. Dad and I were too :)


So much to catch up on...

New Years Eve 2007-2008
with my best friends - except my sister :(
Walking down the aisle to my man...

I am truly blessed

What a beautiful daughter & bridesmaid

Dad and Regan being goofy
Mr, & Mrs. Regan Bentley

The makeout session was about to be on!!
What a fun reception!

Great picture!

My family at Unity Village

This tree was so beautiful!

Best Friends for life!

The happy couple

We had so much fun taking these!

The other best friends for life!!

These are taken on the property behind my parents house. By the time we made it back to the house, we were covered in mud!

Reflecting :)

Push Him, Push him!!!

My surrogate daughter....Jolie

Making memories together

What good kids

Curly Sue in the tub! Her hair would not mohawk with the shampoo, it kept going to straight curls!


So happy!!

They had so much fun in these leaves!

Someone is going to end up getting injured!!

My blessing
God is so good to me

Having fun with makeup! How beautiful is she?