We have moved the computer to the basement, so I rarely find the time to sit and update my blog. I have some free time tonight, so here it goes...we will start with the oldest and move our way down!

Regan: God has given me such a gift. I am married to the most understanding, compassionate man. After getting a very good job and much deserved, the stress that Regan has had about work has mostly gone. The only bad thing is that he is working the night shift. He isn't able to be with us in the evenings or for dinner. That is killing him. He loves the job, but hates the hours. Please pray that God will open up a door somewhere to allow him to be home with us in the evenings. The kids and I need his company.

Liz: I have been trying to keep up with kids and work. The real estate market has been slow for everyone but me!! My work that I do for these agents has really been picking up the past couple of months...very unusual for this time of year! I have enjoyed my time off of working the 9-5 job and being able to be a stay-at-home mom. I don't know how I ever did it before with kids and a steady job! It seems now that I am dropping one kid off and picking up another and trying to feed one all at the same time! I don't know how I ever fit anything else in. A routine is finally forming though! Thank God!!

Emma: I thought for sure that God was paying me back for everything rotten I had put my parents through when He gave me Emma. She was such a sassy little toddler with attitude and BIG mouth. BUT...I have been blessed beyond measure with her!! She has grown into this wonderful pre-teen who is so laid-back and incredibly generous and she is all the time teaching ME lessons in patience and humility. She is enduring her first year in middle school. It hasn't been easy. Parents are raising a different breed of child these days. She has had to face things with some of these little girls that I have never had to face as an adult. Nasty voice messages on her phone cussing her out, kids making fun of her for not "going out" with other boys, etc, etc... I am the first to tell her that I will beat all of them up for her or start nasty rumors at her school about them, but she always just smiles and says, "It's ok, it doesn't bother me, Mom." I don't understand how one little girl can have such meekness and grace. God is going to do something amazing with my baby girl. I can't wait to see what it is. He is getting her ready for awesomeness!! Lord, I thank you for this precious gift that You have given me with Emma. You knew what You were doing when you placed her in my womb when I was only 17. You knew how she would enrich my life then and now. Thank you.

Tyler: Bucktooth Billy is his new name around here!! He has his mama's teeth (before braces)!! It is so stinkin' cute though! He has had some trouble this year in his new school. He has been hangin' with the BAD kids!! That is so funny to say about Tyler, because he is so not a bad kid. Anyways, he had to eat lunch in the principal's office a time or two. He is taking after his mom:( I was always getting swats in my school! Imagine that!! Regan has been trying to get him ready to be the "man of the house" when he is gone to work in the evenings, but he is mostly interested in his video games! He is such a sweet boy and always wanting to hold Millie or help me out with her. He also loves to ride his bike...he talks to himself or sings the whole time he is riding. I will watch him from the window and you can see his mouth moving non-stop! He has the most sensitive and loving spirit about him. I feel like I could cuddle him in my lap for hours if he would let me. He brings so much laughter into our lives. God has something very special planned for my little man...

Millie: She is my payback!! What a firecracker!! We all have had the most fun watching her grow and move through the stages of early life. She is doing something different every day. We went and looked at puppies yesterday at the pound and there was this one dog that barked at her and she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She laughed so hard. She gets most of her enjoyment from watching the kids. She loves them. Even if she has 10 toys in front of her, if Emma and Tyler are in the room, she has her eyes on them. She has brought so much joy to our lives. I prayed over her every night that she was in my stomach that God would prepare her for greatness. I still pray that He would call her to do amazing things for His kingdom. I believe that He will.