23 Minutes In Hell

I just finished reading the book "23 Minutes In Hell". At first I was a bit skeptical, but after reading the book and doing some research about this man, I know it is a VERY TRUE account of how God took this man to hell for 23 minutes so that his story could be told.

After reading this book I feel that everyone needs to be reminded that Hell is a real place. I am not perfect by any means, so please don't feel as though I am preaching or being "holier than thou". This man, Bill, was taken there and his story is one of incredible discomfort. Most people put the idea of hell in the back of their mind as if it is not a real place or that it is a place reserved for those like Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and the worst of the worst. But people are dying everyday and going to hell - it is a REAL place. In this book, Bill talks about being in a prison cell with two enormous, grotesque demons that are ripping his flesh from his body and literally killing him, but there is no death to save him. He also talks about the putrid, horrific, death smell and the ear-deafening screams of people being engulfed in flames. He recalls no human contact or conversation, no light at all-but a complete and evil darkness, no remembrance at all of Jesus Christ, a thirst so insatiable that he said he should have been dead from dehydration and lack of oxygen and the worst part of it was there was no end to it and no final death.

When I was reading this book to Regan, he asked me why God would create such a horrible place for people...my answer to him was that we have the MOST LOVING GOD and He wants only the most perfect for each of us. God didn't create Hell for us, but for the devil and his angels. It was never God's intention for us - who were created in Christ's image - to spend an eternity away from the One who made us. BUT...God gives us a choice to follow Him or not to follow Him and hell is the ultimate destination for those who choose not to.

I am hoping that ALL of the people that I know who read my blog have accepted God's free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and have a flourishing relationship with Him, but if not, I beg you to please contact me and let me share with you. Love to each of you!!

Easter 2008

What a wonderful Easter! We all got up, went to church and then went to mom and dad's for an egg hunt and a HUGE breakfast feast. This year we hid eggs with money in them because the bigger kids thought that an egg hunt for candy was too childish for them...smart kids!!


I've Been Tagged....

Thanks to Ashlee Leighow, I have been tagged to do this!!

10 years ago: I was pregnant (or almost) with my little guy, Tyler. When haven't I been pregnant? I feel like all my life!!

Things on my to do list today: Laundry, Dishes, Vacuuming, Dustings, Working for my realtors, Cooking dinner, etc...

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire? Hire a maid!! And a nanny!! Buy land with a log cabin, set the kids up financially for life, buy my mom and dad & bro and sis anything they wanted, well, almost anything!!

Three of my bad habits: 1.)Smoking...need to quit 2.) Not eating right...need to start 3.) Being LOUD...need to shush

Five jobs I have had: 1.) Telemarketer for a Lawn Company 2.) Telemarketer for an allergy control duct system company 3.) Clinique Salesgirl 4.) Receptionist for real estate company 5.)Realtor