Goats Again!!

If you have never heard a goat cry, it is the saddest noise in the world. Watch this video to the END...it is so cute!!

Goats, Goats & Miniature Horses

We went to Farm Night at a local Equestrian Center last night. The kids had a blast. They milked a fake cow, churned their own butter and played with the barnyard animals. They had two baby goats and a miniature horse...not a pony!! I was quickly corrected when I called her a pony! Miniature horses have feeling too, I guess!!


Got a new camera!!

Millie brushing her two new teeth!

Tyler and his weird faces!!

Love this one of my two girls!

Making faces!

Striking a pose!

Beautiful blue eyes

Zoned out on the video games - look at those pupils!


Deep in thought

This is Emma's irritated face - she is mad that Tyler turned off her movie!