The Shack

Probably one of the best books that I have ever read. Although it has been very controversial, I love this book. I must warn you that it is a totally different view of God than what you are expecting...hold on tight!!
It is a story about a man whose daughter is kidnapped and God sends him a letter telling him that He will meet him at the shack where they found his daughter's bloody dress. When he finally makes it to the shack, God is waiting for him and you won't believe who else is there!!

We don't skinny dip...We chunky dunk!!

On the Boat

We were finally able to get the boat out for the 1st time in 2 years!! It was Millie's very 1st time being on the boat and she loved it!! She was not too crazy about her life jacket though...it ate her face up!! She was content to climb around the inside and scavenge for things on the floor to put in her mouth.


The Fun Has Just Begun

At the Pool with Dusty

Millie with her hair blowing
Baby Dusty (my sisters little girl)

Playing with the cousins

The huge mud puddle across from my parents farm

Summer is upon us and the fun is just begining!! Here are a few pics I have snapped of the kids enjoying their first few weeks out of school!!



My favorite time of year has come...school is out and summer is on!!! There isn't a better time of the year than when the kids are out, the pool is open and the boat is hooked up! Regan and I went out on the boat Friday to Blue Springs Lake. I skiied but now wish that I hadn't because I can't move anything on my body!! The water felt great though and the sun was warm...what more could you ask for?? Except money to pay for gas...it is almost $5.00/gln on the water - EEK!!