New pics

Poor Emma and Tyler. They never get a picture in!!


My Flowers

I really hate looking at pictures of flowers, but these ones I have taken are beautiful - at least to me they are!! Some of them are in my flower garden and the others are at my parents farm in the woods...Enjoy!!


Day at the Trails

Catching Craw-dad's

Sami & IEmma & I
The Girls
I love this crooked treeMom & the grand-daughters
My beaner
Emma & Sami
The girls hopping over rocks
My Ty Man Who knew this lake was here??
Two of a kind - Jake & Tyler
The older grandkids
My mama & I
My two beautiful babes


My new favorite picture

Millie & the Hose

These are so cute! She loves the water and the hose! Even though she kept getting choked, she still wanted to suck on the end of it!!