Fall Garage Sale

It rained all weekend, but that didn't stop us women from having a garage sale!! It was actually a lot of fun and we sold quite a few of our things. My mother-in-law, Darlene, headed it up and we had things from both of my sister-in-laws, their kids, my kids, my junk, etc.... It made for a full garage! I am not sure my hubby was prepared for the 2 day event, but he managed with a smile most of the time and even grilled hot dogs on Saturday for the kids to sell. It was chaotic with us having only 1 bathroom in our home and that decided to go out on the 1st day of the garage sale. Then we had tornado warnings, buckets of rain, the kids closet ceiling strated leaking, and on and on!! It was so much fun though having everyone there though!!
The doors were open at 8am and closed at 5pm
Millie & Aunt Christina drinking their coffee
Dustie joined in the fun too! She brought Millie some puppy slippers.
Millie couldn't get enough of baby Daniel. She really wanted his binky!!

Bird On A Wire

A few weeks ago we noticed that there was a hummingbird caught in our breezeway. Regan tried to shoo him out the window, but with no luck. He flew right into the garage and was a mess. I don't know how this happened, but he got stuck on the garage door rope. He was just hanging there dead silent. I think he had resigned himself to the fact that he was never coming down. Regan rescued him shortly after & he flew off...


Millie Turns 1!!!

We had such a great turn out at Millie's Birthday party!

Everyone singing Happy Birthday

She was so dainty when she ate her cake

We finally had to tear into it for her

She was so funny when she would see the cards...she would hug them & smile & laugh

Her new 4-wheeler that Grandma & Grandpa got for her. She is already trying to stand up on the seat...she takes after her father!!

We actually got a puppy that same night. Her name is Lucy. She fits our family so wonderfully!!