Bass Pro Shop Pictures

These are pictures of my niece I took for her senior photos. We climbed up the waterfall at Bass Pro..it was freezing cold, but I thought they turned out beautifully!

I set up the tripod inside by the fireplace & took these of the family. I have the green jacket around my waist because when I got out of the car, I bent down & my pants split clean down the back...ugh! So embarassing!!

Regan & I being weird

I set up the tripod in front of the tree & we took these fun pictures. We laughed so hard when we were "posing" for them!

Tyler Wrestling

This is the 1st year Tyler has joined a sport. He is loving wrestling.

Christmas 2008

The Whole Gang

Millie loves her shopping cart

Guitar Hero was a big success!

She was sucking on her baby's binky

Feeding the baby a bottle

Lead rope for her horse

Mechanical Pencils...her #1 Christmas request!!

Millie's crazy hairdo

My little guy...so excited about his new game