Millie's funny faces

We love those little bunny teeth & dimples!

Grandma made this hat & she couldn't wait to get it off!!

Her ears look enormous in this picture!

Pickin' a winner!

In mom's cowboy boots...she loves to wear other people's shoes

Mmm, cheese!

Emma put her hair in pig tails...it was adorable

January on the farm

One of our favorite things to do is exploring the land around my parents place. It is full of ponds, streams, wild animals and trees. Whenever the weather is nice, that is where you'll find us!

Although this is a dead weed, it had beautiful flowers when you looked up close
My parents big, red barn
The waterfall I cracked my head on

Emma showing me the right way to go down

Millie driving us home. Notice Regan isn't touching the wheel at all! And Millie can't see where she is going!