Old Pics

I found these old pictures the other day and wanted to share them...they are so funny!

This must be my pensive stare! This is at church camp.
Regan and Emma down at the lake..she looks so little!

My sister & I...this icky picture still hangs on my parents wall :(

Mom & I...I must have just gotten my nails done.

I loved cheerleading! This was 7th grade. I was always trying to roll my skirt to make it shorter!

My two best friends, Kacy & Katie

My best friends, Katie (we have been b.f.'s since 6th grade), at her wedding rehearsal dinner...she is married to my other best friend, Kacy's, brother...small world!

One of my famous apron's...this was my very 1st one!

This was taken outside of my sister's wedding, don't even ask, because I don't have an answer, but man, my hair was cute!

In my mom's wedding gown

Kacy & I on St. Patrick's Day

I loved those cowboy boots!

The day I got my braces

Katie & I goofing around

My little love muffins

R.I.P. golf cart

Beaver Lake

Katie, Leigh Anne & I on a mission trip in Arizona

Kacy, Heidi, Emma & I at Joyce's

We were so wild in our younger days, geez, this picture brings back some good memories!
Katie, Johnna and I at church

New Way of Life

After much discussion about my family's eating habits with a good friend of mine, she has convinced me to start eating foods that are healthy - no chemicals, no hormones, raw & fresh. So, this begins a new chapter! So far, so good. We have been keeping with the healthier lifestyle for a week now. Millie & I went to Costco the other day and bought loads of fresh veggies & fruit. Their selection is amazing! Today, Regan and I are going to till up a garden and start planting. I am so excited! Here is a picture of Millie helping me make a broccoli salad...