California Visit

The start to our long trip! The kids were amazing on the ride out there, they didn't even watch the movies I had rented them! they enjoyed the scenery and even more, they enjoyed texting one another on their new cell phones!

Regan was being a dork! I think he looks like an alien! Those sunglasses got lost at Disneyland :(

Beautiful waterfalls outside of Vail, CO

Just crossing over into Utah...absolutely beautiful!

Jonathan & Sandy surprised us with a wonderful hotel stay at the Comfort Inn in Cedar City, UT. We were so tired and cranky by the time we got there! We had been in the car for 18hrs straight! It was a much needed, restful nights sleep...THANK YOU!!
We were always sending Emma to the back of the truck to get something out of the bags!

Vegas - we stopped so the kids could see the awesome architecture, but ended up making them close their eyes half the time!

The pool at Gary & Joyce's apartment. It was never crowded. The kids & Regan would go 1st thing in the morning for a dip to get the day started.

Our 1st night there, we met Jonathan & Sandy and all went to dinner

My sweet friends, well one of them anyway! Ha! That night Jonathan threw my pillow out the door of the apartment & it landed in the neighbors patio area...Emma had to climb their wall to get it!

I never get enough time with Sandy :( But so enjoyed the time we got to be together!

Hollywood Walk of Stars...Tyler thought he was the tour guide, I guess!

Oh Gary, you are a star!!

Emma is almost as tall as Jonathan!

The boys hitchin' up their britches

If you look closely, you can see the Hollywood sign in the back
My beautiful family

Tyler wanted this picture so bad, but these 2 guys ended up being big jerks. There was almost a good ol' Missouri brawl on the Hollywood Walk of Stars that day!

Our 1st day at the beach....the kids 1st time ever seeing the ocean!

They ran and ran! They couldn't get enough of it!

This is right down from the Santa Monica Pier

These guys were actually hitchhiking, so Tyler decided to join in!

Such a good brother - Emma took up the backseat most of the time

My little girl

I didn't do very good boogie boarding the 1st day

Emma & Gary had so much fun - He taught us how to boogie board

Tyler was a pro

Lots of relaxation & good chats with my girlfriends

Buried Alive

Tyler loved it - but got eaten by sand fleas


Disney's California Adventure

Ah, our favorite ride

Eating at Bubba Gump's on the Santa Monica Pier - delicious

Tyler's 1st roller coaster - I wish I could zoom this picture so you could see the look on his face!

The Santa Monica Pier

Names in the sand

Regan's best friend & his girlfriend - they actually live in Ranch Cucamonga right next door to where we stayed! We went to dinner with them on Mt. Baldy.

It was so beautiful up there! Best of both worlds - mountains & ocean

Our favorite beach - Del Mar. We got a parking ticket here cause we were having so much fun and forgot to pay our meter!!

Emma helping Tyler change his clothes on the beach!

It was chilly, but this was my favorite day! We saw a seal, which Emma thought was a dog, and we saw a ton of manta rays!


Watching a 3-D movie

Age progression - Ewww!!! My sister says I look like I belong on Star Trek!

The infamous teacups - these were around when I was a kid!

Tyler and his churro
Regan and his "man purse"

I have beautiful children!

The tension was thick towards the end!!
This was our favorite ride at Disneyland

On our way home, we ran into a big storm in Flagstaff, AZ that was beautiful

I was delirious on the way home from driving. We drove straight through without stopping, but for food. At one point, Regan & I could have sworn we saw a UFO, but it was only a really bright star.

At least the kids didn't miss out on any sleep!
We finally made it home after 24hrs on the road!
It was a wonderful trip - THANK YOU COLLINS FAMILY!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful I didn't know about my precious granddaughter being forced out the back window to retrieve stuff while going down the highway! What were you as her parents thinking?!? In spite of this, so thankful you had such a wonderful time. Thanks, Gary and Joyce, so much.